Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer - Christina Clark

Christina Clark

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

Meet Christina, a dedicated and versatile personal trainer who is passionate about helping individuals of all fitness levels achieve their goals. Whether you're an avid athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Christina is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Cardio 93%
Endurance 94%
Core 96%
strength 91%
Supportive 100%

With a background as a physical therapist, Christina brings a unique perspective to training that focuses on optimizing functionality, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall well-being. Her expertise allows her to tailor training programs to suit your specific needs and abilities, ensuring safe and effective workouts.

Christina believes that fitness should be an enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone. She is skilled at designing personalized regimens that accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. No matter your starting point, Christina will help you progress and achieve remarkable results while prioritizing your safety and well-being.

Expect more than just a personal trainer with Christina. She is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters growth, empowerment, and personal transformation. She provides unwavering support, motivation, and guidance, empowering you to surpass your limits and unlock your full potential.

Whether you're looking to build strength, increase endurance, improve flexibility, or simply enhance your overall fitness, Christina is committed to helping you reach your goals. Her comprehensive approach combines scientific training techniques, evidence-based rehabilitation methods, and a focus on holistic wellness.

Embrace the positive impact of Christina’s expertise and embark on a fitness journey that will lead you to a healthier, stronger you.


Doctorate of Physical therapy (DPT), Certified orthopedic manual therapist (COMT), certified personal trainer (CPT), BLS