Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer - Etzer Seraphin

etzer Seraphin

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

I’ve been fortunate enough to do what I love as a CPT for more than 15 years. Working in the corporate world was not my passion nor did it fulfill me. Seeing clients achieve goals and be the best versions of themselves through my guidance is the ultimate satisfaction. This inspires me and fulfills me day in and day out.

Cardio 93%
spirit 97%
Endurance 94%
Stability 96%
strength 91%
Supportive 100%

My style of training varies, as each client is different in composition, age, lifestyle, etc. Factor in the client's goals and wants, I then begin to tailor a specific program for the client. I believe that every style of training has its place. Personally I favor functional training. This style helps improve daily life by strengthening muscles to prepare them for everyday tasks and activities. The ability to adapt to different styles and perform optimally is rewarding on both ends.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed. Whatever you put into it, you get that much back. Push yourself to the absolute limits while reaping all the benefits. Remember you will never get to do today over again.